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Heroin Has A Great Publicist

Oct 28, 2020

Ep 239 with social media Juggernaut and brother from the D @Teamclaytonthomas - If you don't know him now, you will!

Oct 26, 2020

How to properly kidnap a governor, Sports Rivalries are politics, Most horrible songs, click bait, and

Oct 22, 2020

Heroin 237 with the dude who has been in EVERYTHING (La La Land, This Is Us, Batman VS Superman to name a few) Actor, Voiceover artist, and my former Second City teacher Kiff VandenHeuvel. Great Chat

Oct 18, 2020

Weird things we obsess over, McDonald's meals, commercials are the new adult jams, mental illness vs stand up or none of this Oh and Ken Calvert teaches me a valuable lesson 28 years later

Oct 12, 2020

Lakers, Breaking stuff in celebration, Dak's bad luck, Hey Dummy and...