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Heroin Has A Great Publicist

Dec 31, 2020

Tommy Onyx (Inner City, Charm Farm) stops by and we talk year min review, techno, Ginger V Mary Ann, and

Dec 29, 2020

@jenmurphycomedy and I discuss Prom, being "Ahead of the game," Girl Scout child labor, and hug addiction.

Dec 23, 2020

Episode 250 with the King of The Detroit Cast, Mike Wolters. Great chat. Thanks for 250 y'all

Dec 21, 2020

heroin 249 The third mean thing, Star Wars, 90's music trivia, rock and roll chef Eric Galdez from Eat Drink & Be Merry gives a fun recipe

Dec 17, 2020

Tom Cruise is a genius, boiling points, F snow, and